Redemption Instructions

To ensure the best quality finish of your pets portrait, please follow these easy steps to begin the process.

Coupaw Portrait1. Forward your redemption email  (please don’t forget this, I need this) and tell me if you purchased the painting or the drawing to my email address at along with your shipping address and three clear photos of your pet. Remember, I can only paint what I see. If you don’t have some good photos. Here is an easy way to take some great photos:

Go outside, the best lighting is always daylight. Go down to your pets eye-level or have someone pick them up and take the photos with the sunlight away from you with his head at a slight angle, keep shooting making sure your pets ears are alert, and take more pictures then you think you need. Pick out your favorite three and email them to me.

I will notify you if the photos will work and along with a short description on how I’ll create the piece.

3. After the piece is finished, you will be getting information on shipping tracking info from

Please allow 3 months for the paintings and 2 to 3 weeks for the pencils. Inform me if they are for a gift and the latest date you need the piece by. During high volume months, and extra two week must be added to the turn-around time.

After the initial purchase of the deal, an extra pet can be added to the piece for an additional fee of $25 for black and white pencils, $35 for color pencils and $60 for oils.  Photos of the individual pets do not have to be together, I can put them together in the same piece. If you would like them much larger, please put that in your email and I can quote you a price. I’ll invoice you by PayPal for the extra fee..

Please remember that your photos are very important that they must be clear to have the best quality portrait created for you.